Unveiling The Hidden Truths: How Sexual Abuse Litigation Gives Voice To Survivors
Nov 03, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Understanding The Impact: Exploring The Trauma Experienced By Sexual Abuse Survivors Sexual abuse is a devastating crime that can have profound and long-lasting effects on survivors. To truly comprehend the impact of sexual abuse, it is essential to explore the trauma experienced by survivors. This exploration helps shed light on the hidden truths that often […]...Continue reading

Healing Wounds, Seeking Justice: A Closer Look At Statute Of Limitations Reform In Child Sex Abuse Cases
Oct 30, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Understanding The Current State Of Child Sexual Abuse Laws: The Need For Statute Of Limitations Reform [Sources: 0] Child sexual abuse is a heinous crime that leaves victims traumatized and scarred for life. However, seeking justice for these victims can be an arduous process due to the limitations imposed by statutes of limitations in many […]...Continue reading

Boy Scout Bankruptcy: Lawsuit Progress And Litigation Developments
Oct 12, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Boy Scout Bankruptcy: Understanding The Financial Restructuring Process The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), a century-old organization dedicated to youth development, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February 2020. This move, while surprising to many, was a strategic decision by the BSA to address mounting legal claims related to historical cases of sexual abuse […]...Continue reading

Uber Assault Lawsuit Consolidation to Be Considered By JPML in Late September
Aug 15, 2023 by Irvin Jackson

Thousands of Uber sexual assault lawsuits filed in federal courts nationwide in the coming months, leading to a motion to centralize all claims against the ride-share company before one U.S. District Judge A panel of federal judges has agreed to hear oral arguments next month over whether all Uber sexual assault lawsuits filed in U.S. […]...Continue reading

JROTC Cases – A Familiar Story of Vulnerability and Exploitation
Nov 16, 2022 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Cases of teenage girls sexually exploited by older men working for or affiliated with schools are appalling. They also, with some variations, are basically the same story involving different characters, in various settings, with the same plot involving employers and religious organizations. It’s a compelling story that defendants may not want a jury to hear. […]...Continue reading