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Mass Tort Signed Cases

ZeroRisk Cases® is dedicated to helping people injured by defective drugs, medical devices, consumer products, and harmful chemicals.

ZeroRisk Cases® offers mass tort marketing and lead generation services for law firms in search of claimants who’ve suffered serious or life-threatening side effects/injuries due to prescription medications, medical devices, consumer products, or harmful toxins.

If your law firm needs advertising services, give us a call and we’ll be eager to help answer any questions you may have.

Digital and TV/Radio Marketing

ZeroRisk Cases® has a unique distribution channel of Digital and Commercial and Connected TV and Radio marketing publishers that generate potential claimants on a nationwide scale or specific geo-targeted markets.

ZeroRisk Cases® offers Customer Service Support for all incoming calls generated by our mass tort marketing campaigns (i.e. potential claims), including scheduling appointments, taking claimants or family members through intake questionnaires and obtaining signatures for each law firm’s documentation.

Full Transparency/TCPA Compliant: Every lead generated through our mass tort marketing and lead generation channels comes with a date/time stamp, IP address and opt-in source information.

Comprehensive Intake Process (Package)

Full Intake/Questionnaire:

The law firm will receive a completed intake/questionnaire in real time (email or http post) based on their specific case criteria. The retainer will be emailed to the claimant/fiduciary from the law firm’s electronic signature account and a ZeroRisk Cases® customer service specialist (agent) will help the claimant/fiduciary complete all necessary signatures on their legal documents.

Medical Records/HIPAA Certified:

Our HIPAA Certified and trained staff can assist with securely obtaining medical records or any other necessary documentation that is needed by the law firm.

Each Claimant Package will include:

  • Claimant/Fiduciary Contact Information
  • Full Intake/Questionnaire
  • Signed Retainer
  • Signed HIPAA Release

100+ agent bi-coastal call center, most agents are bi-lingual, robust technology, 3rd party tracking software along with top tier digital marketers bring the best quality to our clients with the greatest ROI.

With our law firm advertising services and well-trained call center agents, we have found that on average, 90% of all verified leads end up becoming a signed account. The majority of these conversions are completed on the initial call.

  • If the case we sign for you does not meet your initial criteria, we replace it, no questions asked. (a change in criteria during the campaign may change the cost per case)
  • If you cannot contact and connect with a client after 5 attempts by phone, email or text message, we will attempt to do a call transfer to your intake team. If we cannot make the connection, we will replace the lead.
  • As part of the standard agreement and I/O there will be 14-calendar day return unless the attorney opts in for the ZeroRisk Replacement Policy Program™.

Why You Should Select Us As Your Mass Tort Case Acquisition Agency

Get started before your competitors do…there is a limit to how many clients we can onboard.




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