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Attorney Lead Generation Agency

We are a Client Acquisition Company, providing ZeroRisk Mass Tort Cases™ backed by our ZeroRisk Replacement Policy™. 

We use proprietary technology with our ZeroRisk Mass Tort Cases™ program to deliver high value signed cases to obtain these cases.

“We identify the highest quality, lowest cost, mass tort and personal injury cases using medical diagnosis codes associated with the most valuable legal awards by purchasing aged account receivables and mining the data to retain qualified claimants.”

The results: We provide the highest possible value clients for each mass tort we can offer.

We have a great deal of experience delivering leads to the legal market.  Initially, we specialized in MVA leads and other personal injury type leads and became the preferred vendor to some of the largest PI law firms in the country through our broker system-we generated the leads that were sold by independent brokers and agencies.

We moved into the Mass Tort field 15 years ago.  For our standard Mass Tort signed cases, we developed a patterned process that delivers a flow of high-quality leads that utilizes multiple digital and offline channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, SEO, TV, and Radio.

These leads then go through a process of verification by a member of our legal intake team.  Once the lead passes verification, the documents our attorney clients provide (retainer, HIPPA, HITECH) are sent out to be signed by DocuSign.  Our intake team follows up to make sure the documents are returned in a reasonable timeframe.  Upon return, our Quality Control team reviews all the documents to make sure they comply with our client’s campaign criteria. Once the lead passes QC, our Intake Center Manager puts all the documents into a package to email to our attorney-client.


As a responsible client acquisition firm, we are taking further steps to ensure we are protecting our attorney client’s liability as well as ours for false claims.

200+ agent bi-coastal call center, robust technology, 3rd party tracking software along with top tier digital marketers bring the best quality to our clients with the greatest ROI.

We offer a generous return policy.  Most agencies in our industry will only provide a 7-day replacement of a lead when the medical records do not match up with the lead’s provided information.  We allow 14 days for a replacement.  In fact, on orders of 100 or more, we automatically include 5 additional leads at no cost to help defray any type of medical record dispute.

Our ZeroRisk Mass Tort Cases™ backed by our ZeroRisk Replacement Policy™ is a very different program.  We developed a proprietary system where we collect data of potential clients that are at “the bottom of the lead funnel”.  Translation: these leads are confirmed to have an affliction that is related to the product in question.  In fact, these leads will convert into the highest value cases.  ZeroRisk means just that.  Your cost of acquisition goes way down and your case value goes way up.  No more wasted time not being able to connect with the signed lead or signed leads that lied to intake personnel and do not have the affliction that you buy from other lead generation firms.

ZeroRisk Cases® is dedicated to helping people injured by defective drugs, medical devices, consumer products, and harmful chemicals or hurt in an accident or by a medical doctor. Our mission is to provide the public with informational resources about medications, defective devices, products, and inhalants that harm millions of people every year.

ZeroRisk Cases® offers mass tort and personal injury case generation and personal injury lead generation services for law firms in search of claimants who’ve suffered serious or life-threatening side effects/injuries due to prescription medications, medical devices, consumer products, or harmful toxins or were harmed in a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or subject to medical malpractice. If your law firm needs advertising services to obtain quality signed cases or verified leads, give us a call and we’ll be eager to help answer any questions you may have.

Digital and TV/Radio Marketing:
ZeroRisk Cases® has a unique distribution channel of Digital and Commercial and Connected TV and Radio marketing publishers that generate potential claimants on a nationwide scale or specific geo-targeted markets.

ZeroRisk Cases®Full Service Call Center:

ZeroRisk Cases® offers Customer Service and Technical Support for all incoming calls generated by our mass tort and personal injury marketing campaigns (i.e. potential claims), including scheduling appointments, taking claimants or family members through intake questionnaires and obtaining signatures for each law firm’s documentation.

Full Transparency/TCPA Compliant: Every lead generated through our mass tort marketing and lead generation channels comes with a date/time stamp, IP address, and opt-in source information.

We also use TrustedForm to further vet our leads.  TrustedForm is the highest standard for independent proof of consent.

TrustedForm provides unbiased third-party documentation of consent and real-time actionable insights about the leads we are acquiring.

Legal Protection
Verify and document consent for compliance with regulations like TCPA, CASL, etc.

Fraud Protection
Verify we are receiving authentic leads from interested consumers.

Brand Protection
Verify our marketing brand is being presented properly and leads are coming from our approved sites.

Our TrustedForm certificates provide unbiased third-party documentation of consent. This proof of consent can protect you in the event of litigation while giving you new confidence that your signed claimant has actually asked you to contact them.

We use cutting-edge technology that includes data mining (proprietary) and AI that together with our vetting systems, brings you the highest quality cases at the best value.  Our system is designed to deliver signed cases that have the highest value.

The mass tort industry is extremely competitive.  We can make your firm competitive with the largest firms in the industry.

Comprehensive Intake Process (Package)

Full Intake/Questionnaire:

The law firm will receive a completed intake/questionnaire in real time (email or http post) based on their specific case criteria. The retainer will be emailed to the claimant/fiduciary from the law firm’s electronic signature account and ZeroRisk Cases’s customer service specialist (agent) will help the claimant/fiduciary complete all necessary signatures on their legal documents.

Medical Records/HIPAA Certified:

ZeroRisk Cases® HIPAA Certified and trained staff can assist with securely obtaining medical records or any other necessary documentation that is needed by the law firm.

Claimant Packages:

Each Claimant Package will include:

  • Claimant/Fiduciary Contact Information
  • Full Intake/Questionnaire
  • Signed Retainer
  • Signed HIPAA Release
  • ZeroRisk Replacement Policy™an optional industry-unique program utilizing our proprietary process.

We are looking for long term relationships with our clients.  The prices we offer our direct attorney clients are extremely competitive and it is likely we can beat out most of your other mass tort lead sources.  Our service is second to none as is our lead quality.  Our clients continually renew their campaigns and come to us for the next mass tort on their agenda.

Call us today at 833-ZERORISK (833-937-6747) or complete our Request For Quote for a quote on your next mass tort case.

We can also provide you with co-counsel connections should you want to manage the leads but not litigate the case.


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