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THE PROBLEM-Fake Leads and Lead Fraud

A key problem is that lead generators don’t necessarily adhere to ethical restraints that restrict attorneys when recruiting clients and a lack of transparency.  Many lead generators aren’t transparent to both attorneys and claimants. For example, some offshore call centers have used data mining to target people individually.  They may lie and promise certain settlement amounts, enticing a lead to sign up.  In addition, to increase the reach of their efforts to sign up potential victims, attorneys and their marketing agents or lead generators use automated technology to place thousands of calls to potential claimants who have not opted in to receive calls.  Among other methods, many lead generators use cold calls to solicit prospective clients, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a federal statute enacted in response to public outrage about intrusive, nuisance telemarketing practices.

Fake leads can result from:

  • The call centers may not be properly vetted and may not have the necessary skills and experience to generate quality leads.
  • The call centers may use unethical or illegal methods to generate leads, such as cold calling or using fake profiles.
  • The leads may not be qualified and may not be interested in the services that the law firms are offering.

Lead fraud or a “FILE AND EXTORT SETTLEMENT” can occur when someone signs up for a mass tort lead without having a legitimate claim. They may do this to get money from the law firm or the lead generator, or they may do it to sabotage the law firm’s case.  Unscrupulous people sign up on TCPA-compliant webforms, receive calls and then sue the law firm and/or call center for TCPA violations.  We call them Serial Litigators.

To help protect against lead fraud, we scrub all our inbound and outbound leads using our Scammer ScrubTM trusted cloud-based defense against serial plaintiffs and “lawsuit mill” litigators who target and entrap law firms and lead generators for TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) violations.  The software identifies serial TCPA plaintiffs and serial litigators while running wireless, VoIP, and DNC (Do Not Call) list scrubs and helps us maintain TCPA compliance.  The software is updated in real-time from original court documents and the National DNC list.

It’s simply the best way to mitigate your risk of a TCPA lawsuit. Approximately one-third of TCPA lawsuits originate from a small group of repeat serial plaintiffs and litigators. Identifying these repeat players before any inbound or outbound campaign is the smartest preventative measure companies can enact to reduce their exposure to TCPA-related risk.

We utilize a real-time updated comprehensive database of names, phone numbers, and associated case files of TCPA litigators, professional plaintiffs, and persons involved with TCPA litigation, known as TCPA litigator sharks. The contact data for litigators on our TCPA litigator list is verified with an FBI-level search.

A TCPA litigator shark is a lawyer or professional plaintiff who uses the TCPA to their advantage for nefarious purposes to generate lawsuits against alleged TCPA violators. They take advantage of the statute’s status as the biggest cash cow in the history of American class action practice.

THE RESULT: a tainted docket filled with fraudulent cases leading to loss of reputation, legal culpability, and diminished settlements.


As a responsible client acquisition firm, we have taken further steps to ensure we are protecting our attorney client’s liability as well as ours for false claims.

All our lead generation is done internally.  We do not use any third-party lead-generation services.  Our marketing team develops all the ad creatives as well as manages all media buys.  In addition, we utilize a proprietary data collection procedure we developed.  This process is the key to obtaining clients “at the bottom of the funnel.”  This means they are leads who have been affected by the drug or product in question, have the desired deleterious effect, have been treated for the resulting medical condition, AND want to discuss their case with an attorney.  This technology will provide the highest possible value to clients for each mass tort we can offer.

All potential claimants responding to our marketing come into our US-based call centers to get legal help.

We do NOT make cold calls nor use illegal methods to solicit calls.  Outbound calls are only made in response to inbound requests from potential claimants.

All our advertising is TCPA compliant and pre-approved by our attorney clients.

All inbound and outbound leads are scrubbed using our Scammer ScrubTM platform.

Our Intake Specialist signs up the claimant (based on Attorney Criteria).

Our Intake Specialist obtains a digital retainer signed by the claimant and asks permission to forward the signed claim to the law firm.

In addition, our Intake specialist prepares our attorney client’s documents for mailing to obtain wet notarized signatures.

Our Intake Specialist forwards the completed digital case documents to our Compliance Department.  The staff of our Compliance Department are all retired nurses.

A Compliance Specialist completes a compliance call to ensure the lead has given permission to receive the call and requested help.

During the Compliance call, the Compliance Specialist emphasizes the name of the law firm that will contact them directly.  The Compliance Specialist provides the phone number of the law office to make sure they will answer the call.

In addition, the Compliance Specialist completes a third-party AI-driven fraud detection protocol, a KYL-Know Your Lead program. This is a first in the legal industry and emulates what the SEC requires of finance institutions.

We use IDology- a real-time and on-demand identity verification and fraud prevention solution.  It offers us a multi-layered approach that ensures we have more inclusive ways to verify leads— quickly, easily, and automatically. 

The Compliance Specialist forwards the DIGITAL Package to our Attorney client with the intake and compliance recording.  Recordings are maintained for a minimum of 1 year in cloud storage (where the attorney/staff has access)

Our Compliance Specialist stays connected with the claimant to:

  • Schedule a notary to acquire the Retainer and HIPPA digitally or physically authenticated
  • Make sure the wet, notarized signature is sent back (with prepaid postage)
  • Set up a time for a three-way call with their doctor to confirm the diagnosis
  • Keep in contact with the claimant a minimum of once a month to collect any doctor visits, new medications, etc. in the client portal, mail, or fax

Our nationwide third-party notary service returns a full document package to our office that includes pictures of their state or federal id, the claimant’s legal state or federal id, and the notarized wet-signed originals of the attorney’s documents. 

We also use TrustedForm to further vet our leads.  TrustedForm is the highest standard for independent proof of consent.

TrustedForm provides unbiased third-party documentation of consent and real-time actionable insights about the leads we are acquiring.

  • Legal Protection
    • Verify and document consent for compliance with regulations like TCPA, CASL, etc.
  • Fraud Protection
    • Verify we are receiving authentic leads from interested consumers.
  • Brand Protection
    • Verify our marketing brand is being presented properly and leads are coming from our approved sites.

Our TrustedForm certificates provide unbiased third-party documentation of consent. This proof of consent can protect you in the event of litigation while giving you confidence that your signed claimant has asked you to contact them.

TrustedForm holds TCPA certificates for up to 5 years.


  • Reduces or eliminates Fraud
  • Reduces or eliminates Fake Leads
  • Reduces or eliminates Dual Representation
  • Eliminates ID Theft
  • Higher Settlements

Why wouldn’t you hire ZeroRisk Cases® to sign your mass tort clients?

During the decades we have been providing signed mass tort cases, our average replacement percentage was 10.7% across all campaigns.

With the implementation of our ZeroRisk Compliance ProgramTM, our average replacement percentage dropped to less than 0.05%.

Get started before your competitors do…there is a limit to how many clients we can onboard.



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