Sep 02, 2022

Victory Unfair Advantage

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What is the Victory Litigation Fund?

We created the Victory Litigation Fund to provide a proven and reliable way of investing in legal claims.

The Victory Litigation Fund is a tokenized venture fund that raises capital from investors through registered securities offerings and works with select law firms through strategic joint ventures to acquire cases.

Victory’s mission is to advocate on behalf of children, survivors and veterans that have been harmed and winning the most financial compensation possible for their injuries.

To fulfill this mission, the Victory Litigation Fund has developed an unfair competitive advantage by using alternative case origination strategies to help plaintiffs seek justice. 

Victory works to maximize market share for its law firm clients and economic value for its investors as it passionately pursues its mission.

Why does Victory use tokens?

A Security Token Offering, also known as an STO, is a digital representation of a real-world asset similar to the certificates issued for stocks.

Victory’s “Token of Participation” or TOP is an ethical contractual revenue sharing agreement for services provided to the law firm that is paid after cases settle.

The TOP solves the historically illiquid nature of mass tort legal fees by providing law firms a way to raise money from investors and to monetize cases before settlement.

This proprietary formula for success was developed for mass tort claims but is so powerful that it works for many different legal practice areas while delivering more cases at a lower cost than traditional high-interest debt financing models. 

However, the best part is that now ANY lawyer can earn returns in the Mass Tort industry. 

Mass tort law firms can go from purchasing cases that are ready to be filed with the court to acquiring additional cases at no upfront cost because Victory will pay for case origination in exchange for performance fees paid through the TOP.  

Law firms looking for a more passive approach can NOW invest in mass torts by buying TOPS, just like other accredited investors. In addition, lawyers who invest will also receive a lifetime online directory listing and become eligible to use the “Victory Unfair Advantage” for their own practice.

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Victory Unfair Advantage
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Victory Unfair Advantage
We created the Victory Litigation Fund to provide a proven and reliable way of investing in legal claims.
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ZeroRisk Cases, LLC
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