Latest Developments In Zantac Lawsuit
Jul 10, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Law firms are accepting new lawsuits in different states ever since a Delaware judge ruled that GSK, Pfizer, and other pharmaceutical companies must litigate in several state courts for their heartburn drug. The Zantac lawsuits have garnered significant attention primarily due to concerns over N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) contamination. NDMA is a potent carcinogen, and its presence […]...Continue reading

Unleash the Power of Real-Time Medical Records Analysis
Apr 29, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Discover the Future of Mass Tort Case Acquisition and Lead Generation Introducing the ZeroRisk Compliance Plus Program™. Brought to you by ZeroRisk Cases, Inc., this game-changing platform is set to redefine the landscape of mass tort integrity and patient care. For the first time, gain access to an advanced system that utilizes real-time medical records […]...Continue reading

Legal Battles Continue: Updates On Litigation Surrounding Hair Straighteners And Cancer
Apr 22, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Understanding The Link Between Hair Straighteners And Cancer: Toxicity Concerns And Product Liability Understanding the link between hair straighteners and cancer involves delving into the complex interplay of toxicity concerns and product liability. Numerous scientific studies have raised alarms about the potential carcinogenic properties of various chemical hair straightening products. These concerns primarily revolve around […]...Continue reading

Key Updates On Talcum Powder Lawsuits In 2024: What’s Changed?
Apr 19, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Recent Developments In Talcum Powder Litigation: An Overview Of Key Lawsuits In recent years, the landscape of talcum powder litigation has undergone significant transformations, marked by pivotal lawsuits that have reshaped public perception and regulatory scrutiny around these products. At the heart of these legal battles are allegations that prolonged use of talcum powder can […]...Continue reading

Examining The Legal Landscape: Key Trends In Paraquat Litigation
Apr 18, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Overview Of Paraquat Litigation: Pesticide Exposure And Toxicity Concerns The legal landscape surrounding paraquat, a widely used herbicide known for its effectiveness in controlling weeds and grasses, has become increasingly complex due to mounting concerns over its potential toxicity and the health risks it poses to humans. Central to the paraquat litigation phenomenon is the […]...Continue reading

Research Reveals Connection Between Bacteria In Artificial Tears Eye Drops And Corneal Ulcer, Scarring
Oct 02, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Understanding The Link: Research Reveals Connection Between Bacteria In Artificial Tears Eye Drops And Corneal Ulcer, Scarring [Sources: 0] Corneal ulcers and scarring are serious conditions that can lead to vision impairment or even permanent blindness. Until recently, the causes of these conditions were not fully understood. However, groundbreaking research has now revealed a surprising […]...Continue reading

ZeroRisk Cases, Inc. Utilizes Cutting-Edge Technology to Target High-Quality Plaintiffs in Talcum Powder Litigation
Aug 10, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

ZeroRisk Cases, Inc., a leading mass tort and personal injury client acquisition agency, is revolutionizing the legal industry with its innovative approach to attracting high-quality litigants for talcum powder lawsuits. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and strategic ad platforms, ZeroRisk Cases® delivers measurable results through practical lead-generation campaigns. Unlike other mass tort ad agencies, ZeroRisk Cases® has […]...Continue reading

What Injuries Can You Suffer From PFAS Exposure?
Oct 31, 2022 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

These lawsuits focus on harm by a group of common chemicals that don’t easily break down. Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are widely spread throughout the environment because many products contain them. PFAS are toxic, and it’s difficult to impossible for the human body to break them down and get them out. As a result, […]...Continue reading

Zantac Study Finding Increased Risk of Cancer Results in Supplemental Expert Reports Being Filed in MDL
Oct 29, 2022 by Irvin Jackson

Research published last month highlight the link between various cancers and Zantac, including liver, lung, gastric and pancreatic cancers. October 28, 2022 By: Irvin Jackson Study provides additional support establishing Zantac cancer risk Findings were published as U.S. District Judge presiding over thousands of Zantac cancer lawsuits was weighing whether claims will be cleared to […]...Continue reading

Why are Major Retailers Being Sued Due to Tylenol?
Oct 28, 2022 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

These multidistrict litigation (MDL) cases involve Tylenol, a popular over-the-counter pain reliever, and the biggest US retailers are defendants. Plaintiffs allege the defendants failed to warn consumers of Tylenol’s potential dangers. There Could Be Hundreds of Thousands of Cases Filed in the Future A federal judicial panel created new mass tort litigation for lawsuits alleging […]...Continue reading

Pregnancy Roundup Exposure Linked to Increased Risk of Low Birth Weight, Study Warns
Oct 28, 2022 by Irvin Jackson

Researchers found that 99% of pregnant mothers tested had detectable levels of glyphosate in their urine due to Roundup exposure. October 28, 2022 By: Irvin Jackson The findings of a new study link pregnancy Roundup exposure to an increased risk of giving birth to a child with low birth weight, adding to the potential health […]...Continue reading

Court Identifies First Eight Bellwether Lawsuits Over NEC Caused By Baby Formula
Oct 25, 2022 by Irvin Jackson

The lawsuits include both claims of injuries and wrongful deaths linked to NEC caused by baby formula. October 25, 2022 By: Irvin Jackson As coordinated pretrial proceedings move forward in the federal MDL established for all lawsuits over necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) caused by baby formula, the U.S. District Judge presiding over the litigation has identified […]...Continue reading

ZeroRisk Cases is a premier mass tort and personal injury case acquisition agency serving the legal industry since 1994
Oct 06, 2022 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Are cases you are currently obtaining low quality?  We can change all that. We consistently deliver high-quality, mass tort and personal injury cases to attorneys nationwide utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Our model is designed to make your life easier, more productive, and more profitable. If your law firm handles mass tort, we can provide highly qualified […]...Continue reading

Elmiron Lawsuits | Vision Loss and Blindness Claims
Nov 05, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Elmiron Lawsuits: A Vocabulary Lesson Elmiron is the brand name of a drug used to treat bladder problems, but like so many other drugs, it can cause serious side effects in a completely different part of the body. If you’re going to take Elmiron product liability cases, here is some background information to help you […]...Continue reading

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