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Our ZeroRisk CLIENT ACQUISITION PROGRAM™ is unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail when it comes to finding high value plaintiffs for your firm.

With mass tort or personal injury cases, much of the development work is administrative in nature. While there are some legal issues that require a lawyer’s involvement, much of the work can be handled by case managers and paralegals skilled in client relationship management. Case management requires a process-driven mindset and a relentless focus on efficiency and quality.



  • Cannot contact the signed Claimant.
  • Signed Claimant did not use the drug/product as stated on the client intake.
  • Signed Claimant does not have any symptoms or disease as stated on the client intake.
  • Most lead generation agencies will limit the return of “bad” signed Claimants to 10 days.
  • As many as 70% of the purchased signed Claimants may require disengagement.
  • Attorney/Paralegal time sending out and tracking disengagement letters.
  • Processing signed Claimants is expensive-Lost fees, wages and time for signed Claimants that have no litigation value can be up to 10x the cost of the lead.
  • A signed Claimant is not necessarily a compensable case.
  • Historically, when an attorney purchase signed mass tort cases, only 30-40% and at best 70%, will result in a quality case after the acquisition and review of the client’s medical records.
  • As the tort matures, the conversion rate can drop significantly.
  • It can take weeks to months to obtain the medical records from hospitals.
  • Vendor cost of signed Claimants usually increases during the campaign.
  • Medical records, the medical records review, and the Plaintiff Fact Sheet are expensive, time consuming and require expertise.
  • Attorney/Paralegal/staff client phone time is costly.
  • Attorney/Paralegal/staff time obtaining and tracking medical records is expensive.
  • Attorney/Paralegal time reviewing case files is time consuming.


We created the ZeroRisk Mass Tort Program™ as your assurance of top-quality cases at an incredible VALUE!

What is the ZeroRisk Mass Tort Program™?


The process is a cutting-edge method of lead generation, resulting in the best quality signed cases available today along with unsurpassed case management assuring you the highest value plaintiffs, reducing your total cost of client acquisition.

What is included with the ZeroRisk Mass Tort Program™?

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Intake Call Center
  3. New Client Onboarding
  4. Medical Records Retrieval and Evaluation
  5. Client Management and Communication
  6. Plaintiff Fact Sheet

Case Management

Case management is a general term encompassing everything required to keep your mass tort cases moving forward towards settlement. Our team is dedicated to your success and will do whatever it takes to move cases through the development process including the following:

  1. Lead Generation

We obtain clients by a multiple of methods for both the Standard and ZeroRisk Mass Tort™ Signed Cases

A.  We take a holistic approach to our marketing, complying with all the rules and regulations and always TCPA compliant.

We advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TV (English and Spanish), Radio (English and Spanish), OTO (over the top TV-Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime), and additional English TV ads on Entertainment Networks, Major Networks, Family Friendly Networks, Sports Networks, Lifestyle Networks, News Networks and Internet ads displays (other than FB, Google, etc.)-these include:

Media We Use

Our media targeting is based on our initial testing to determine the best sources of leads for any given campaign.

B.  ZeroRisk Cases® also utilizes a proprietary case origination strategy we developed.  This process is the key to obtaining clients that are “at the bottom of the funnel”.

We identify the highest quality, lowest cost, mass tort and personal injury cases using medical diagnosis codes associated with the most valuable legal awards by purchasing aged account receivables and mining the data to retain qualified claimants.

Proprietary data strategy delivers highest settlement value cases at the lowest cost, equals greatest value for law firms.

This means they are leads who have been affected by the drug or product in question, have the desired deleterious effect, have been treated for the resulting medical condition AND want to discuss their case with an attorney.

This technology will provide the highest possible value clients for each mass tort we can offer.

Conventionally, mass tort cases are originated by running expensive and inefficient direct response advertising campaigns using TV radio, print and social media.  The largest mass tort law firms often spend tens of millions of dollars annually on traditional subscription services and direct response marketing (TV, radio, print and social media advertising).

ZeroRisk Cases® use of their proprietary case origination strategy to identify the highest value, lowest cost cases will disrupt the traditional legal lead generation business model by originating higher-value mass tort cases at a significantly lower cost than traditional legal advertising.

Higher quality cases lead to higher settlement awards.

You Get:

  • Stellar conversion rate: Retainers on Demand brings 25 plus years of experience and a trendsetting approach to sourcing and vetting leads; don’t waste your firm’s marketing budget chasing dead ends.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) reduces human error: our custom-built CRM distributes and evaluates leads based on your firm’s criteria, reducing human intake error.
  • Compartmentalized intake: our automated underwriting system evaluates leads prior to distribution to our agents, which eliminates the incentive and the ability for agents to alter lead data, which means our leads are CLEAN and result in more signed retainers.
  • Professional transition services: our team prepares new clients for a seamless transition to working directly with your practice.
  • Eliminate missed opportunities: our full-service lead evaluation process means potential clients won’t fall through the cracks when lead or call volume exceeds your in-house capabilities.
  • ZeroRisk Cases® will work with your team to ensure we deliver new clients with the exact documentation your firm requires.
  • We provide a comprehensive client questionnaire with complete medical details with each signed client.
  • 100% replacement guarantee on all signed clients: all our signed clients come with client data that includes caller confirmation of your firm’s case qualification criteria. If anywhere along the case management process we discover the signed client does not meet the initial attorney-specified criteria, we will replace the client. (does not apply if the attorney changes the criteria during the course of their campaign)
  • Call recordings are included for added quality assurance.
  • Each signed Plaintiff includes detailed intake, Signed Retainer/HIPPA and other attorney required signed documents, Voice Recording of the Intake Call, New Client Onboarding, Medical Records Retrieval and Evaluation, Client Management and Communication, Plaintiff Fact Sheet, and Case Management with each signed client.

Lead Flow

We generate the lead.  Once a lead comes in by phone or web form, we feed it by API to our third-party vendor, who does the initial contact with the lead and performs the pre-qualification.  This process provides an initial level of qualification.  If the lead is qualified based on the attorney’s campaign criteria, our partner transfers the lead to one of our Intake Specialists at our call center.

Our Intake Specialist reviews the legal issues required before filling out our detailed intake form.  The intake form is based on what our attorney client provides, but it also includes other questions that we use to further vet the lead.  Our intake specialist does the entire intake based on our attorney client’s criteria and has the retainer signed by eDoc.  The detailed intake and signed retainer is transferred to ZeroRisk Cases® for further evaluation by a member of our team of Verification Specialists.  A Verification Specialist does a background search for each qualified lead, which is included in the first set of documents we send and initiates the retrieval of the signed Claimant’s Medical Records.

The background check will provide verification of address, phone numbers, family members, and other cases on dockets, car information, employment/businesses, criminal record, literally everything that is available digitally to further ensure the veracity of the lead.

The completed intake, background check, call recording, and signed documents are forwarded to our attorney client.

We follow up with the Medical Records, Medical Records Review, and Plaintiff Fact Sheet to be sure that the signed Claimant has the diagnosis and treatment requirements per our attorney client.  The Plaintiff Fact Sheet provide our attorney clients with stronger inventories and lesser deficiency notices from the defense side, thereby ensuring the best outcome.

The entire process is tracked via our case management software.

  1. Intake Call Center

We have two intake centers, both staffed by bilingual intake specialist.  Twenty five percent (25%) of our intake and management staff have successfully completed sensitivity training for human trafficking and sex abuse cases.  We also have highly trained paralegals on staff who are native Spanish speakers.  Our Spanish Department can assist you with your clients who do not speak English or who or more comfortable speaking in Spanish.

  1. New Client Onboarding

When a new signed retainer is received for your firm, we will contact within 24 hours the client to accomplish the following:

  • Welcome client to the firm
  • Verify accuracy of information received during intake and gather additional information
  • Set expectations about the litigation process and inherent uncertainty
  • Outline next steps so client knows what to expect
  • Review communication best practices so client stays engaged with the firm
  • Answer any questions client may have
  • Advance the case to Order and Review Medical Records

If we are unable to reach the client on the initial attempt, our team will continue to reach out via phone, text, and email. If we are initially unable to reach your client from our initial engagement, our Special Tactics team will be introduced to the process with the sole purpose of driving re-engagement to complete the required information for the specific tort. We take great pride in the efficiency of our Special Tactics team.

  1. Medical Records Retrieval and Evaluation

Once the welcome call is complete, our team will order and review your client’s medical records to determine proof of use and proof of injury with the underlying goal of maximizing the value of the claim.

  • Complete review of client’s medical and pharmacy records
  • Summarize findings and enter information into our Client Management System
  • Establish proof of use and proof of injury for each client
  • Maximize the value of the damage model based on all available evidence
  • If necessary, acquire additional records to complete the review
  • Assign injury level and advance the case to Medical Review Complete
  1. Client Management and Communication

Manage ongoing client communication regarding case status and progress. Our process is designed to keep your clients engaged and informed along the way.

As a contingent fee firm, you invest time and hard-earned money into retaining and serving your clients. To protect your investment, it’s important to engage with clients and remind them you’re fighting hard for justice on their behalf. With hundreds or even thousands of mass tort claims, this can be an overwhelming challenge.

Our client communication utilizes emails, text messages and phone calls to provide regular touch points with your clients throughout the litigation process, including the following:

  • Monthly email updates on the litigation and individual case status
  • Email notification when the case advances to the next stage of the review process
  • Text and email notifications letting client know we need to reach them by phone
  • Reminders and updates when we need the client to provide additional information for their case
  • Regular reminders to update the law firm when the client contact information changes
  • Contact clients to obtain missing information as needed
  • Mange client information and documentation

We provide Attorney Review Reports weekly to make the attorney aware of potential problems, and have a complete understanding of their portfolio of cases

  1. Plaintiff Fact Sheet

Our team will assist with preparation of the Plaintiff Form (PF) for every case you file with the MDL or relevant state court.

Our two-part process includes:

  • Preliminary review of the case file and medical records to prepare a draft of the PFS
  • Scheduling an appointment with the client as needed to review the PFS and complete any missing information

If the defendant sites a deficiency in the PFS and sends a Deficiency Letter, our team will work to cure the deficiency, following the procedures outlined by the presiding Court. If the deficiencies noted by the defendant are deemed to be objectionable or frivolous, we will work with you to produce the documentation necessary to file an objection with the court.

Why ZeroRisk Cases?

We handle every step of the process from the time a client signs the retainer until the case is filed with the State Court or MDL.

Just like you, our mission is to help those who have been injured by corporate negligence. Most of the time, when people reach out to hire a lawyer something has gone terribly wrong. We want to be there for your clients during their time of need to bring hope and bridge the gap between the time of injury and the moment justice is served.

 We will enable your firm to scale and take on more mass tort cases without costly overhead, training costs, out of pocket development costs and management of new staff. We ensure that you focus on what you do best, and we can handle the influx of new cases.


Our experienced team of paralegals, nurses, case managers and call center representatives are fully trained and enabled to handle every aspect of your client’s case. Our experienced nurses can read medical documents extremely fast and efficiently while gathering all the pertinent information without the need for training.


Outsourcing client communication is a wise decision if you don’t have the technology and staff to manage the process internally. The value of keeping clients “in the know” and engaged with your firm cannot be overstated. Regular communication through email, text messages, and phone calls, ensures your clients don’t forget about you and lose interest in their case. It also reduces inbound calls with questions like “When is my settlement coming?” and “how much will I get paid?” You never want to hear a client say, “I’ve called you three times, and no one has called me back.” Or another common complaint: “I have already answered that question three times. You’re not listening to me?” That’s not the way to 5star Google Reviews from satisfied clients.

Transparency in Reporting

Our team sets clear and concise expectations with regards to reporting and status updates, providing weekly reports along with weekly meetings to ensure any escalations, unique situations or urgent matters are quickly addressed by law firm staff, if necessary. We pride ourselves on the ability to easily and clearly provide every status update your firm needs to ensure that effective management of each matter is being adjudicated.


Using your internal staff or hiring new staff to handle your cases may see like a good idea from a management standpoint, but when you consider training costs, insurance, fixed overhead costs,

supervisory costs, and fully loaded variable costs, it’s a no brainer to outsource to ZeroRisk Cases. Our Case Managers, Paralegals, Nurses, and Call Center Staff are all fully trained and carry ZERO overhead costs.

We also offer the following services:

Client Finder Services (Note: We automatically perform the basic service unless instructed not to)

If we cannot contact a client after 20 call attempts, we offer the following Client Finder Services:

              Basic Client Finder Service includes:

  • People Search by an industry-leading identity software and dialing the top seven numbers twice
  • Send client a No Contact Letter to address on file
  • There is no guarantee of contact

              Advanced Client Finder Service includes Basis plus

  • Daily emails to the top three emails for 5 days
  • Send a Certified No Contact Letter to top two addresses if different than above
  • Complete a relative search and dial up to three immediate relatives once
  • There is no guarantee of contact

              Premium Client Finder Service

  • Includes a 95% guarantee to locate clients.
  • No Find, No Fee. Extensive search is performed.

Spanish Language Services – ZeroRisk Cases® has native Spanish-Speaking support specialist who can assist you with your Spanish speaking Claimants.

We are looking for long term relationships with our clients.  The prices we offer our direct attorney clients are extremely competitive and it is likely we can beat out most of your other mass tort lead sources.  Our service is second to none as is our lead quality.  Our clients continually renew their campaigns and come to us for the next mass tort on their agenda.

Call us today at 833-ZERORISK (833-937-6747) or complete our Request For Quote for a quote on your next mass tort case.

We can also provide you with co-counsel connections should you want to manage the leads but not litigate the case.


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