Dec 07, 2022

Zantac Class Action Updates

Posted by : ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

December 6, 2022: Today, the federal judge overseeing the Zantac class action lawsuit has dismissed every Zantac claim to the MDL. In a lengthy Order, the court ruled that the Plaintiffs failed to meet their scientific burden of proof showing that the NDMA in  Zantac increased the risk of developing cancer.  This is the worst possible outcome and it could ultimately blow up this litigation.  Yes, plaintiffs will appeal to the 11th Circuit, and, yes, we think the trial judge’s ruling is incorrect. But this is a dark day in the Zantac litigation.

December 7, 2022: What is next in the Zantac MDL class action? There will be an appeal to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Will an appeal be successful?  We are hopeful but that is hard to project. Cases that have not been filed or Zantac cancer lawsuits in state court in places like Illinois, California, Illinois, and Delaware will continue to move forward, hopefully with judges that have a less restrictive view of what is required to allow a jury to decide these claims.

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