Nov 17, 2023

Taking on Big Corporations in Mass Tort Cases: A Guide for Plaintiffs

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Mass tort litigation is a type of civil lawsuit that involves multiple plaintiffs who have been injured by the same product or action. These cases are different from traditional personal injury cases because they involve large numbers of people who have suffered similar harm due to the negligence of a corporate defendant. In this guide, we will explore what mass tort litigation is and why it matters, common types of personal injury cases in mass torts, understanding the legal process in mass tort cases, the role of experts in mass tort litigation, and taking on big corporations as a plaintiff.

What Is Mass Tort Litigation and Why It Matters?

Mass tort litigation is a way for individuals who have been harmed by a company’s actions to seek justice and compensation together. Rather than filing separate lawsuits against the defendant, these cases allow many victims to join forces and pool their resources to take on powerful defendants. This approach can be more efficient and cost-effective than individual lawsuits since the evidence and expert testimony needed to prove liability can be shared among all the plaintiffs. Additionally, mass tort litigation allows victims to hold companies accountable for their actions and send a message that unsafe practices will not be tolerated.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in Mass Torts

There are several types of personal injury cases that commonly arise in mass tort litigation. Some examples include:

1. Pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices – when a drug or device causes serious side effects or injuries, numerous patients may file suit against the manufacturer.

2. Product defects – if a consumer product is found to be dangerous or defective, consumers who were injured while using the product may band together to sue the manufacturer.

3. Environmental contamination – when pollution or other environmental hazards cause widespread illnesses or property damage, affected residents may bring claims against the responsible parties.

4. Workplace accidents – workers who suffer injuries caused by workplace safety violations or equipment malfunctions may collectively pursue legal action against their employer.

Understanding the Legal Process in Mass Tort Cases

The legal process in mass tort litigation typically begins with a group of plaintiffs filing a complaint against the defendant(s). The complaint outlines the alleged wrongdoings committed by the defendant and seeks damages for the resulting harm. Once the complaint has been filed, both sides begin gathering evidence and preparing for trial. During discovery, each party requests information from the opposing side and conducts depositions of witnesses. After discovery concludes, the case proceeds to trial where a judge or jury decides whether the defendant should be held liable and how much compensation the plaintiffs should receive.

The Role of Experts in Mass Tort Litigation

Experts play an important role in mass tort litigation by providing specialized knowledge and insight into complex issues such as medical diagnoses, engineering principles, or economic analysis. Expert witnesses are often used to testify about the causation of the plaintiffs’ injuries, the appropriateness of industry standards, or the financial impact of the defendant’s actions. Both sides may retain experts to support their arguments, making it crucial for attorneys to carefully vet potential experts and prepare them for cross-examination.

Taking On Big Corporations: A Guide For Plaintiffs

If you have been injured by a corporation’s actions, taking legal action can feel daunting, especially when facing off against deep-pocketed opponents. However, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of success:

1. Consult with an experienced lawyer – finding a lawyer who has experience handling mass tort cases can help ensure that your claim is handled properly.

2. Gather evidence – keep track of any documents related to your injury, including medical records, bills, and correspondences with the defendant.

3. Join a class action – if others have been similarly injured, joining a class action lawsuit can provide strength in numbers and reduce costs associated with bringing a claim.

4. Be patient – mass tort litigation can be lengthy and complex, but sticking with it can lead to meaningful results.

In conclusion, mass tort litigation provides a powerful tool for those who have been harmed by corporate negligence. By banding together, victims can hold companies accountable and secure just compensation for their losses. If you believe you have been injured by a corporation’s actions, consult with an experienced attorney today to learn more about your rights and options.


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Taking on Big Corporations in Mass Tort Cases: A Guide for Plaintiffs
We explore what mass tort litigation is and why it matters, common types of personal injury cases in mass torts, understanding the legal process in mass tort cases
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