Latest Developments In Zantac Lawsuit
Jul 10, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Law firms are accepting new lawsuits in different states ever since a Delaware judge ruled that GSK, Pfizer, and other pharmaceutical companies must litigate in several state courts for their heartburn drug. The Zantac lawsuits have garnered significant attention primarily due to concerns over N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) contamination. NDMA is a potent carcinogen, and its presence […]...Continue reading

PFAS Chemicals Lawsuits: A Look Ahead To 2024 And Beyond
May 03, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

The Growing Threat Of PFAS Contamination: Examining PFOS And PFOA As the calendar gets deeper into 2024, the escalating concern over PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) contamination comes into sharper focus, particularly regarding two notorious compounds: PFOS (Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid) and PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid). These chemicals, part of the broader PFAS family, have been widely used […]...Continue reading

Unleash the Power of Real-Time Medical Records Analysis
Apr 29, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Discover the Future of Mass Tort Case Acquisition and Lead Generation Introducing the ZeroRisk Compliance Plus Program™. Brought to you by ZeroRisk Cases, Inc., this game-changing platform is set to redefine the landscape of mass tort integrity and patient care. For the first time, gain access to an advanced system that utilizes real-time medical records […]...Continue reading

Professional Plaintiffs And Frivolous Lawsuits
Feb 07, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Examining The Role Of Serial Litigators In recent years, the legal system has witnessed a growing phenomenon of serial litigators who exploit the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to file frivolous lawsuits for personal gain. These individuals, known as professional plaintiffs, strategically target businesses with alleged violations of TCPA regulations, aiming to extract hefty settlements […]...Continue reading

Exposing The Pervasive Problem Of Fake Leads And Lead Fraud
Feb 02, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

The Ongoing 2024 Camp Lejeune Litigation The Camp Lejeune water contamination incident remains one of the most significant environmental disasters in United States history. For decades, thousands of military personnel and their families stationed at Camp Lejeune, a Marine Corps base located in North Carolina, were unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals present in their drinking […]...Continue reading

Game Changing Compliance Plus Program Reduces Fraudulent Claims
Jan 08, 2024 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Revolutionary Platform from ZeroRisk Cases, Inc. Reduces Fraudulent Claims and Expedites Legal Process with Advanced Medical Record Retrieval Technology ZeroRisk Cases, Inc., a prominent mass tort and personal injury client acquisition agency, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking ZeroRisk Compliance Plus ProgramTM. This innovative platform adds significant assurance and compliance to their […]...Continue reading

From Big Data To Big Results: How Data Mining Transforms Mass Tort Cases
Oct 19, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Introduction: Understanding The Significance Of Data Mining In Mass Tort Cases Mass tort cases involve many individuals harmed by a common product or event seeking compensation for their injuries. As these cases typically involve vast amounts of data, traditional methods of analysis often fall short of uncovering meaningful insights. However, with the advent of big […]...Continue reading

Protecting Your Law Firm From Fake Leads and Lead Fraud
Oct 16, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Mikal Watts, of Watts Guerra, presented at the Mass Tort Made Simple conference in Las Vegas on “Client Acquisition, What You Need To Know About Protecting Your Law Firm”. I applaud Mikal for bringing to the attention of law firms practicing mass tort litigation and legal marketing firms (and it applies to all Personal Injury […]...Continue reading

Tackling the Fake Lead Crisis to Protect Innocent Individuals and Enhance Legal System Integrity.
Oct 11, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

ZeroRisk Cases® Revolutionizes Mass Tort Lead Generation with Proprietary Technology and Compliance Program Fake leads in mass torts cases pose a significant threat to the integrity of the legal system and can cause severe harm to innocent individuals. Unscrupulous law firms and call centers often use deceptive practices, such as cold-calling or misleading advertisements, to […]...Continue reading

From False Promises To Ethical Risks: The Dark Side Of Bad Legal Leads
Sep 22, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

The Dark Side Of Bad Legal Leads: Unveiling The Ethical Risks And False Promises The legal industry, like any other business, relies on a steady stream of clients to thrive. Law firms often employ various marketing strategies to generate leads and attract potential clients. However, not all leads are created equal, and the pursuit of […]...Continue reading

Maximizing Roi And Client Acquisition: The Future Of Law Firm Marketing Through Outsourcing In 2024
Sep 20, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Introduction: The Evolution Of Law Firm Marketing And The Role Of Outsourcing In 2024 The legal industry has always been a highly competitive landscape, with law firms constantly striving to attract new clients and maximize their return on investment (ROI) through effective marketing strategies. However, the rapid advancements in technology and changing consumer behavior have […]...Continue reading

ZeroRisk Cases, Inc. Helps Law Firms Secure Higher Settlement Awards with Signed PI Cases
Aug 10, 2023 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

ZeroRisk Cases, Inc., a leading mass tort and personal injury client acquisition agency based in Allentown, is revolutionizing the personal injury legal industry with its latest offering: signed personal injury cases. By providing law firms with clients who have suffered serious or life-threatening injuries due to accidents caused by others, ZeroRisk Cases® is enabling these […]...Continue reading