More Victims of Sexual Assault are Seeking Emergency Room Care: Study
Oct 27, 2022 by Irvin Jackson

Social justice movements such as #metoo may be encouraging more sexual assault victims to seek medical treatment, overcoming previous social stigmas. October 26, 2022 By: Irvin Jackson Emergency room visits linked to sexual assaults have increased more than 15-fold since 2006, according to the findings of a new study, which suggests that the data may […]...Continue reading

Help End Human Trafficking
Nov 08, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

The holidays are approaching and numerous requests appealing to your generosity for donations are flooding your email and snail mailboxes from local and national charities. There are many among us that need our help. It is hard to decide where our donations will best serve our community.  I not only found a worthy cause, but […]...Continue reading