May 10, 2022

Facebook Hack Victims Left Out in the Cold

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A number of Facebook hack victims are being left out in the cold by Facebook.


In recent days, Facebook users across the country have had their Facebook pages deleted and have been unable to recover them.

And Facebook has not been responsive to those hack victims.

Victims have been posting their stories on other social media platforms.

One woman, identified as Stace, took to Twitter to complain that her account had been hacked and that her photo and name replaced by a gentleman named MC Tran Thahn.

James Hunnisett had a similar problem.

“Absolutely lost all faith in Facebook now,” he wrote on Twitter.

“You’ve disabled my account for impersonating someone called MC Tran Thanh,” Hunnisett said. “I was hacked! What is wrong with you people! Look it up, it’s happened to loads of accounts. Been on Facebook since 2007. Please sort this out.”

Murray Richmond took to Twitter to complain that his account had been replaced with a photo of MC Tran Thahn also.

“Someone hacked my Facebook account. . .  I cannot get Facebook to do anything about it. I am not getting the codes they require, so I cannot change my password.”

There are many others complaining on Twitter about this specific hack.

The same thing happened to a woman in West Virginia – Corporate Crime Reporter’s editor’s wife – who was in the middle of a fundraiser for domestic abuse survivors and had raised $435 on Facebook fundraiser. Those funds have now disappeared. She also runs two small business pages and cannot access those either to run her businesses.

Facebook hack victims have been unable to reach Facebook to get them to respond.

Facebook has no chat function for customer service and no customer service phone number.

Facebook’s press office did not return repeated calls and emails seeking comment.

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