Sep 07, 2023

Camp Lejeune Settlements

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The government launched a settlement program that offers compensation of up to $450,000 for individuals, including veterans of Camp Lejeune, who claim to have been harmed by the contaminated water on the North Carolina Marine Base.

Is this an acceptable settlement offer for Camp Lejeune? No. It may be an appealing option for a small minority of claims, depending on the circumstances.

What is the deal? The government must reduce the number of claims. They offer a quick deal to reduce the number of claims. It will work to a certain extent.

The aim of this initiative is to speed up the claims process and resolve hundreds of thousands more claims. Over 93,000 claims were already filed, but some veterans expressed frustration at the long claims process. It will speed up your claim and help you get paid faster… but only if your case is worth less than what it’s likely to be.

The plan will pay out settlements to eligible claimants based on the severity of their illness and their length of stay in the base. It covers conditions such as cancer, kidney disease, and Parkinson’s.

A veteran who has served at the base for more than five years and developed kidney cancer may be eligible to receive $450,000. Practically, very few stayed longer than five years. Someone who was there for less than a full year and then developed kidney cancer will also get $150,000. If they were at Lejeune for between one and five years then the amount would be $300,000.

In a Tier 2 situation, the maximum is $400,000 and the ceiling is $100,000. The midlevel (between 1-5 years) would then be $250,000

The amount of compensation for wrongful death claims will be increased to $100,000.

These are the tiers eligible for this toxic water settlement:

Tier 1

Kidney Cancer
Liver Cancer
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Bladder Cancer

Tier 2

Multiple Myeloma
Parkinson’s Disease (note: I don’t understand how this is Tier 2)
Kidney Disease/End-Stage Renal Disease
Systemic Sclerosis/Systemic Scleroderma


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The government has introduced a settlement program, offering compensation of up to $450,000 to individuals, including Camp Lejeune veterans, who claim they were harmed by contaminated water at the North Carolina Marine base.
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