Glyphosate: Cancer and other health concerns
Mar 18, 2023 by Ed Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Glyphosate, a synthetic herbicide patented in 1974 by the Monsanto Company and now manufactured and sold by many companies in hundreds of products, has been associated with cancer and other health concerns. Glyphosate is best known as the active ingredient in Roundup-branded herbicides, and the herbicide used with “Roundup Ready” genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Herbicide […]...Continue reading

Chemical In Camp Lejeune Water Linked to 500% Increased Risk of Parkinson’s Disease
Mar 17, 2023 by Irvin Jackson

Researchers note that levels of TCE in Camp Lejeune water were 280 times higher than recommended safety standards, and widespread water contamination problems may be causing rises in Parkinson’s’ disease cases. A chemical commonly used for dry cleaning and degreasing metal, which heavily contaminated water at the Camp Lejeune Marine base in North Carolina, could […]...Continue reading

Baby Formula Lawsuit over Enfamil & Similac NEC Risks
Mar 15, 2023 by Ed Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Giving cow-milk-based formula to premature babies can increase their risk of NEC. Therefore, infant formula NEC lawsuits are all the rage today. Similac and Enfamil, major formula brands, are being held for their negligence by parents whose premature babies developed a rare intestinal disorder. If you aren’t aware, let us take you through the specifics […]...Continue reading

Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (“AFFF”) Can Cause Certain Types of Cancer
Mar 14, 2023 by Ed Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A.

The aqueous film-forming foam has been a game-changing product for several industries. When it was first invented, it was a never-seen-before fire suppressant that extinguished dangerous liquid fuel fires. Since then, it has been a gold standard. But the components that make up the product are highly dubious, and the decades of AFFF usage have […]...Continue reading

Tylenol® Use During Pregnancy Linked to Autism
Mar 08, 2023 by Ed Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Pregnant women taking Tylenol® (brand name for acetaminophen) and later having a child diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or other neurodevelopment disorders can finally pursue compensation and seek justice for their sufferings. Many lawsuits are being filed across the country. A new class action Tylenol® autism lawsuit has also been certified in the federal court. All […]...Continue reading