NY Jury Finds Teva Contributed to Opioid Crisis in Suffolk and Nassau Counties
Jan 19, 2022 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

On December 30, after a six months-long trial, a New York jury found that Teva Pharmaceuticals contributed to the opioid crisis by creating a public nuisance in Suffolk and Nassau counties and New York State. Attributing 90% of the liability to Teva and its Anda Inc. unit and 10% to New York State, the jury […]...Continue reading

The Boy Scouts’ $2.7 Billion Settlement May Not Have Enough Support
Jan 06, 2022 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

News.law January 6, 2022 A $2.7 billion plan to give the Boy Scouts of America a pathway out of bankruptcy while compensating tens of thousands of sex abuse victims was at risk of failing on Wednesday, with more than one-quarter of claimants voting to reject the plan in a preliminary tally of votes. The Boy […]...Continue reading

Joe Rogan New Year’s Eve Tutorial on Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Dec 31, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Joe Rogan delivered a New Year’s eve present to his millions of fans – a two and a half hour tutorial on corporate crime in the pharmaceutical industry. Rogan’s guest – John Abramson, author of the new book Sickening: How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care and How We Can Repair It (Mariner Books, February […]...Continue reading

Shanin Specter on the Trouble with Tort Law
Dec 29, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Shanin Specter is a founding partner of Kline & Specter, the largest personal injury firm in Pennsylvania and one of the largest in the country. Shanin Specter Earlier this month, Kline & Specter added its fiftieth attorney. Specter is known for being a trial lawyer. That is, he likes to go to trial. And he […]...Continue reading

Major New Johnson & Johnson Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Updates
Dec 21, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Three recent filings in the Johnson & Johnson Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings reflect some of the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical giant as it seeks to create its talc liability spinoff. On December 8, the U.S. Trustee’s office filed a brief objecting to J&J’s retention of the law firm Jones Day as bankruptcy counsel, citing […]...Continue reading

Litigation Update: Split 3M Earplug Decisions with More Cases Scheduled for 2022
Dec 21, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

On December 10, a federal jury in Tallahassee, Florida awarded former U.S. Army veteran Theodore Finley $22.5 million, including $15 million in punitive damages, against earplug manufacturers 3M Co.and Aearo Technologies LLC. The plaintiff had alleged that as a result of using 3M’s defective CAEv2 earplugs while in the Army he suffered hearing damage and […]...Continue reading

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Big Pharma Corporate Crime and Trust
Dec 20, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was asked this week about Pfizer’s record of wrongdoing. On the Lex Fridman podcast, Bourla was asked about a 2009 prosecution in which Pfizer paid $2.3 billion and the Pfizer unit Pharmacia & Upjohn Company pled guilty to a felony for  misbranding anti-inflammatory drug Bextra with the intent to defraud or […]...Continue reading

Mass Tort Lead Generators – How to Get Mass Tort Signed Leads
Dec 16, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

If you’re considering a mass tort case acquisition strategy, it’s important to understand the different options and costs associated with a co-counsel agreement. A co-counsel agreement can benefit both the acquiring firm and the referring firm, and can be a lucrative opportunity for a smaller firm. However, you should consider a few factors before moving […]...Continue reading

Medication Errors are Common and Can Be Deadly
Dec 06, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

Medical malpractice is as varied as the practice of medicine. Given how many people use prescription drugs and the numbers of people are involved in the process of getting that medication to the patient, negligence will arise all too often. Nearly half of the US population uses a prescription medication, according to the Centers for […]...Continue reading

Litigation Update: Skepticism of J & J’s Bankruptcy and a Temporary Change of Venue Halt to 38,000 Talc cases.
Dec 01, 2021 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

On November 10, a federal judge in Charlotte, NC who is overseeing Johnson and Johnson’s bankruptcy trial temporarily halted approximately 38,000 talc-related personal injury lawsuits pending in state and federal courts, ruling the cases are more properly venued in New Jersey. Although the litigation stay gives the pharmaceutical giant a 60-day delay in the proceedings […]...Continue reading