Federal Legislation Unleashes Hundreds of Thousands of Camp Lejeune Contaminated Water Claims
Aug 10, 2022 by ZeroRisk Cases Marketing

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act of 2022 is now a law, allowing many of those injured by contaminated water at Camp Lejeune to receive compensation. ZeroRisk Client Acquisition Program™ links those injured by toxic water at this military base with lawyers who fight for their rights. We help law firms with mass toxic tort practices […]...Continue reading

Air Force Firefighter Files Lawsuit Over Testicular Cancer Diagnosis From AFFF
Aug 09, 2022 by Irvin Jackson

Lawsuit indicates that firefighting foam used throughout his career resulted in cancer and the need for surgery. August 09, 2022 By: Irvin Jackson According to allegations raised in a lawsuit recently filed by a former Air Force firefighter, exposure to aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) used to fight petroleum fires throughout his career resulted in a […]...Continue reading

LifeCell Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Filed After Strattice Tissue Matrix Failed
Aug 08, 2022 by Irvin Jackson

The LifeCell hernia mesh lawsuit claims the Strattice Tissue Matrix failed after only a year. August 08, 2022 By: Irvin Jackson LifeCell Corporation faces a hernia mesh lawsuit brought by a South Carolina woman, who was left with painful and life-long injuries after a Strattice tissue matrix used during a hernia repair failed, resulting in […]...Continue reading

Key Points of Boy Scout Sex Abuse Bankruptcy Settlement Plan Approved by Judge
Aug 08, 2022 by Irvin Jackson

Parties expect a finalized version of the Boy Scout sex abuse bankruptcy settlement plan to be approved in the coming weeks. August 08, 2022 By: Irvin Jackson A federal judge has approved major parts of a nearly $2.3 billion settlement fund for child sex abuse claims against Boy Scouts of America, which would resolve tens […]...Continue reading

Roundup Weed Killer’s Primary Ingredient Passes Through Blood-Brain Barrier, Study Warns
Aug 05, 2022 by Irvin Jackson

Glyphosate used in Roundup and other weed killers could cause neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, researchers warn. August 05, 2022 By: Irvin Jackson The findings of a new study raise additional concerns about the long-term health risks from glyphosate, the active ingredient in the controversial Roundup weed killer, suggesting that it can pass through the blood-brain […]...Continue reading