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Medical Record Retrieval

Our retrieval group provides a national record retrieval service focused on overcoming all challenges found within the records gathering business all while reducing costs for the client. Our experts have decades of experience collecting records though the various state jurisdictions, the most challenging providers, and navigating the ever-changing technical landscape of social media. The platform not only provides superior service and support but is geared to guard against modern threats to personal information.

Our Personal HITECH Medical Record Retrieval delivers solutions to record retrieval problems shared by personal injury attorney firms.

According to reputable industry surveys, the average claims professional spends over 200 hours per year dealing with medical records. How much time does a busy litigation professional spend collecting them? Are your talents best used collecting and organizing records?

Medical Record Retrieval involves the handling of sensitive personal information.

Are you or your vendor partner’s security technology aligned with industry best practices? What’s your exposure for mishandling information?

Our record retrieval services include research, retrieval, and unlimited followup.

Our HITECH Medical Record Retrieval Drastically Reduces the “Hard Cost” of Record Retrieval

Our Personal HITECH Medical Record Retrieval routinely reduces records acquisition costs by over 75% and reduces vendor total cost by over 33% when compared to competitors.

Service of Process

T-Scan’s subpoena unit provides legal departments & law firms an efficient procure process via subpoena while eliminating 99% administrative cost. Our team members are adept working for organizations operating across multiple jurisdictions or assisting when a voluminous demand presents many unique and onerous calandering and process service issues. The repository is built in conjunction with the titans designers of information technology. T-Scan clients are assure assured their sensitive information is retrieved, secured and available 24/7/365 by experts.

Our Service of Process Team provides legal departments & law firms an efficient record procurement process via subpoena that can eliminate 99% administrative costs.

Document Production

Our production team features  experienced project managers to coordinate and produce documents regardless of size of complexity.



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