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  • Unique Marketing programs designed especially for Personal Injury attorneys seeking the highest quality motor vehicle accident leads.
  • AI-based Behavioral Intent Targeting, Identity Resolution and Machine Learning (AI) are used to identify prospects, in real time, who are actively in pursuit of a lawyer to represent them AND along with our proprietary data mining software, generate exclusive motor vehicle accident leads.
  • The AI based behavioral targeting puts the ads in front of people that are actively being tracked as doing things online consistent with a claimant. (ex. filed police report, going to physical therapy websites, auto insurance claims pages to file a claim, etc.)
  • The result is we can generate a consistent volume of exclusive leads each month.
  • We can scale campaigns easily.
  • All our leads go through a pre-qualification filtering.
  • EXCLUSIVE TO YOUR TARGET MARKET (statewide only at this time).
  • All lead contact info is confirmed using our Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP).
  • These prospective clients are already In Market.

All our leads go through a pre-qualification filtering process where they indicate:

  • they did not hire an attorney for this incident
  • they were in an accident and sustained bodily injury
    (taken to ER or have been examined by a medical professional for their injury complaint within 5 days post-accident or have an appointment to see a medical professional)
  • they were in an accident and sustained bodily injury
  • they were not at fault
  • the at fault party has insurance coverage
  • they provide a description of their accident/injury and any treatment, etc.
  • there is a police report available (police arrived at the scene of the accident)
  • the date of accident and it is within the statute of limitations
  • they have not received any settlement for their bodily injury claim

The Process

  • A call or web form comes in from our media advertising.
  • One of our personal injury lead specialists reviews the case with the lead,
    verifying their provided information against our required filters.
  • The VERIFIED LEAD is then connected by call transfer to the attorney’s intake team.
  • The attorney’s intake team can also receive the lead’s information by email and SMS.
  • The leads are EXCLUSIVE.

These prospective clients are already In Market,
looking for an attorney.

  • Live Transfers-client average 40% conversion.
  • Campaign to Campaign-no long-term contracts.

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