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Nursing Home and Elder Abuse Leads and Signed Cases

There are thousands of lawsuits pending against nursing homes and assisted living facilities with more being filed every day. There are many reasons why they’re a frequent target of insurance and legal claims, which could be settled or receive a jury verdict from thousands of dollars to more than a million. If your firm is trying to attract nursing home and elder abuse cases, ZeroRisk Cases® can help.

The numbers are staggering

There were 15,600 nursing homes in the US as of 2016, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Nearly 70% of these facilities were for-profit ventures. They had 1.7 million beds filled, on average, by 1.3 million elderly and disabled residents (which is about the population of Dallas, the ninth-largest US city).

The Pennsylvania Health Care Association states that,

  • Most of us will require long-term services and supports in our lifetimes, including assistance with daily activities, due to a physical or cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s disease
  • About 70% of people currently turning 65 will need long-term during their lives for an average of 3 years
  • The annual amount spent on long-term care in the US (not counting unpaid family caregiving) is nearly $275 billion

The CDC also estimates:

  • There were 12,200 home health agencies in 2016
  • 4,455,700 patients were discharged from their services in 2015
  • At least a quarter of service users had Alzheimer disease or other dementias, arthritis, heart disease, or hypertension
  • Compared to those in adult daycare facilities and nursing homes, those getting care at home needed more hospital stays and emergency department visits

Why are nursing homes and home health providers being sued?

Nursing homes have a legal obligation to keep residents reasonably safe. Many facilities can’t live up to that standard.

Those needing help are often physically fragile, so it’s easier for them to suffer severe injuries than the general population. Large numbers of them are not mentally competent due to dementias or psychiatric issues so they need constant supervision, something that’s often missing.

The nursing home industry generally has low-profit margins so many operators skimp on expenses that could make residents safer, especially payroll. These facilities will keep the number of employees small, increasing workload and try to keep pay rates down. There are high rates of employee turnover as a result. Overwhelmed employees make mistakes, commit negligence and often, management sees this as the cost of doing business.

Those living in nursing homes are extremely vulnerable to physical, sexual, and financial abuse. People who enjoy abusing others or see financial exploitation as a way to supplement their income may be attracted to working in a nursing home. Without job applicants being screened and employees without enough supervision, resident abuse can become common

What is harming elderly residents?

The basis for nursing home and home health agency lawsuits is only limited by the negligent and intentional acts of those responsible for the suffering of the elderly and disabled who rely on them to keep them healthy and alive.

  • Falls: Nursing home records may not accurately indicate the resident’s risk of falling, and employees may not correctly supervise fragile residents enough when they walk. Floors may not be clear, making a fall more likely. If a resident falls the injuries can be severe, disabling and sometimes fatal
  • Bedsores or pressure sores: These are areas of the body that break down under the weight of the resident if he or she isn’t physically moved often enough. They are more common when a resident is wheelchair or bed-bound. These sores can be difficult to heal and result in life-ending infections. If the person is in one position long enough, the flesh can be worn down to the bone
  • Medical malpractice: Seriously ill residents don’t recieve proper medical care. There may be delays in the resident getting needed medical care or hospitalization, so conditions last longer, become more severe and possibly ending the resident’s life. Medication mistakes are common. Residents may not get what they need, too much or too little medication or receive a one which should be given to someone else
  • Physical and chemical restraints: To make them more manageable, residents with dementia or who tend to wander may be improperly physically restrained or given medication that leaves them barely able to move. This treatment can cause physical and emotional harm
  • Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse: Residents are often preyed upon by employees who will yell at, berate and humiliate them in front of others. They may be pushed or hit by employees. Sexual abuse could be committed by other residents if there isn’t enough supervision and sexual predators on the payroll will take advantage of residents.
  • Financial abuse: This can range from stolen cash and personal items to using manipulation and threats of violence to access large amounts of cash in bank accounts and retirement savings. Mentally incapable residents may be given documents to sign by employees, giving them access to money and property
  • Insecure facilities: If security isn’t tight enough, criminals could enter a nursing home, steal from residents, and sexually abuse them. If a wandering resident can leave a building and the nursing home’s grounds, it could result in serious injuries or death.

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