Cerebral Palsy Leads

Cerebral Palsy Leads and Signed Cases

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a severely disabling condition caused by brain damage or abnormal development that usually happens before birth, during delivery, or in the months afterward. Medical mistakes or negligence can result in CP. Families and victims with sufficient evidence may have successful legal claims against responsible parties. If CP litigation is an area where your firm practices, or would like to practice, ZeroRisk Cases® can help.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about one in 323 American children has some form of CP. It can result in severe physical and developmental disabilities that can leave a person totally dependent on others during their lifetimes, rendering them unable to work or enjoy a healthy life. They may need special medical care and rehabilitative services for years, decades, or as long as they live.

CP can range from mild to severe. No matter the level of harm, the child and parents may be entitled to compensation for the harm done. CP is evaluated by the degree of impact, which parts of the body are impacted, and by how much. How much control the child has over body movements is also a factor.

What may cause cerebral palsy?

Possible CP causes include:

  • Infant jaundice
  • Lack of oxygen during delivery
  • Fetal lead poisoning
  • Fetal infection
  • Meconium contamination in the lungs
  • Low fetal blood sugar
  • Fetal toxins
  • Brain injury after birth
  • Childhood infections
  • Shaken baby syndrome
  • Infant oxygen deprivation due to drowning, choking, or poisoning

Brain injuries causing CP could also be the result of vehicle accidents, physical trauma or negligent childcare.

Evidence of medical malpractice or negligence

It can be tough to determine whether CP was the result of an unavoidable, natural cause or due to a mistake by medical professionals or the negligence of others. Childbirth, especially one that doesn’t progress smoothly, can be hectic or chaotic, and parents won’t know everything going on or what the medical team is doing. Some situations can be red flags for trouble, including:

  • Trauma during birth
  • Excessive force or medication
  • Injury caused by delivery tools
  • Emergency Caesarean section
  • Premature birth or low birth weight
  • Unexpected, multiple births
  • Delayed or prolonged birth

Mistakes may not be noticed by parents and they may not be included in medical records. A physician may not be aware of or take time to explain birth complications. You may obtain medical reports and perform a detailed review to see if hospital staff made a mistake and whether this contributed to a child’s injury. Experts may be needed to go over medical records and render an opinion on whether medical malpractice occurred.

How can you get the cerebral palsy cases your firm wants?

You can spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising. But if not done correctly, you may not get much in return. Traditional advertising (billboards, print, and broadcast media) require substantial spending and are in the background of our busy lives. When’s the last time you focused on a radio ad?

A family affected by CP may research the condition online or review law firm websites. Effective internet marketing is sophisticated and expensive. Getting your website high enough on search results to attract any attention could take a lot of time and money.

You can bid to have your ad or web page appear high on search engine results but, depending on your area, they could be costly. Content and social media marketing can improve your “organic” (non-paid) search results, but they too could take a long time before they work and cost substantial amounts of money. Search engines algorithms constantly change so a successful campaign can suddenly fade and you have to start over again.

Attracting cerebral palsy cases the easy way

How do you compete against other firms to get quality, profitable CP cases? You hire ZeroRisk Cases.

A key to a law firm’s profitability is controlling costs.

  • Mass media advertising campaigns are very expensive. They may result in no new cases.
  • Internet and social media marketing are more focused, but it’s costly. If you want to rank highly in search engine results, you’ll be engaging in protracted search engine optimization and content marketing battles with possibly dozens of other law firms.

Avoid these hassles and the expense of potentially fruitless marketing and advertising campaigns and connect to potential clients ready, willing, and able to retain your services. Instead of placing bets in a marketing and advertising gamble, hoping you’ll get clients, use our service to deliver leads to your firm.

We put our energy and expertise into obtaining the highest quality leads for you.

We focus our advertising efforts on TV, radio, organic SEO (Google, Bing, Yahoo), Google Maps, Google Ads, Bing, Facebook and Instagram, but depending on your ideal client profile, we may turn to other platforms. Unlike other mass tort ad agencies, we have experience with a number of different ad platforms, so we can use just the right one to get the job done. We focus on mobile marketing, utilizing Voice Search, to capture some of the best and highest converting leads.

We also use remarketing and behavioral targeting in our lead generation campaigns. Remarketing and behavioral targeting allow us to target the right people at the right time with the right message to get them on the phone.

Our latest technology utilizes our proprietary software that enables us to data mine information through third party vendors, resulting in cases where leads have been matched with their medical histories, diagnosis, drug prescription and treatments with exposure or usage of a caustic drug or chemical.  This significantly reduces the cost of acquisition and provides a much higher value clients; one that has proof of diagnosis; and proof of treatment.

We limit the number of law firms we work with so it’s critical to us we create very solid client relationships and provide clients for them for years to come. We are very responsive and offer small intro orders for leads without contracts. We want you to work with us because of the quality of our leads, not due to a contractual obligation.

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