Birth Injuries Leads

Birth Injuries Leads and Signed Cases

Birth injuries may be fatal or leave a child with lifelong, severe disabilities that won’t allow the victim to live up to their full potential. These injuries have many causes, which include medical malpractice, vehicle accidents, and medication side effects. Because the harm can be severe and long-lasting, potential damages may be very high, so competition for these cases is fierce. You may pay high costs and make an effort at marketing, but you’ll probably find leads to nowhere and prospects checking out one attorney after another.

ZeroRisk Cases® goes beyond marketing. We don’t spray the internet with advertising and try to squeeze leads out of lackluster responses.  We use AI-based Behavioral Intent Targeting to create exclusive birth injury leads from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and data mining using our proprietary software. This behavioral targeting puts effective advertising in front of those actively tracked online as doing things that are consistent with someone coping with a child suffering severe birth injuries.

Revenue from a Birth Injury Case Could Be Substantial

Birth injuries run the range of severity. They can:

  • Be minor, resolve quickly, and have little or no long-term effect
  • Cause the infant’s death
  • Leave the child with severe intellectual, emotional, and psychological issues
  • Cause physical disabilities

Severe birth injuries include:

  • Brain Injuries: Loss of oxygen, brain hemorrhaging, the head being pulled during delivery, and other types of physical force may cause these injuries, resulting in severe disabilities
  • Cerebral palsy: This may be caused by a brain injury due to a stroke or lack of oxygen in the brain during childbirth. A person with this condition may be unable to speak or develop normally, depending on the severity.
  • Palsy of Erb: This is the paralysis of a limb due to a brachial plexus nerve injury which happens when the newborn’s neck or head is under too much pressure during a difficult delivery. During a breech (feet-first) delivery the child’s head, neck, or shoulders may get stuck in the pelvic bone or the birth canal, causing injuries. The condition may improve over time, need surgery and physical therapy, or there may be no effective treatment.
  • Ischemic Hypoxic Encephalopathy: This happens when there’s a shortage of oxygen (hypoxia) and a deficiency of blood flow (ischemia) to the brain during childbirth. Seizures, hearing, and vision issues may happen. They may or may not be long-term health issues.
  • Kernicterus: Newborns with jaundice can develop this condition if they’re not treated. Bilirubin builds up in the brain if a baby is born with Kernicterus. This could lead to seizures, hearing loss, and brain damage.
  • Cephalohematoma: A brain hemorrhage causes blood to accumulate around the brain tissue, causing convulsions, brain damage, swelling in the head, and depressions. Surgical removal of the blood may be possible if the problem is identified early. If not, it may cause permanent brain damage.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Too much pressure on a baby’s spine during delivery can cause spinal cord injuries that may lead to paralysis or limited limb function

The worst cases can involve complete dependence on a caregiver, a lifelong need for physical rehabilitation, and medical care for the physical side effects of brain damage. The person may never live independently or be able to earn an income. The person may be intellectually unaffected but severely physically impacted, causing limited career opportunities.

Although defendants may hotly contest causation, the severity of the injuries, duration, and impact on the victims and their families can result in substantial damages.

How ZeroRisk Cases® Can Help Build Your Birth Injury Practice

Do you want these cases to supplement your PI caseload, or is your goal to make them a significant part of your practice? No matter how many you seek, ZeroRisk Cases® can help. Due to our cutting-edge AI-based Behavioral Intent Targeting, we can provide you with a consistent volume of exclusive leads for your firm. Our approach makes it easier for you to build your birth injury practice:

  • Campaigns can easily be scaled up to generate more cases
  • Leads are qualified, so you won’t talk to people who’ll never be your clients
  • Their contact information is confirmed
  • Our in-house attorney evaluates these leads

These prospective clients seek an attorney, so you’re not wasting your time and money on ineffective marketing.

How Our Process Works

We generate interest in those looking for legal help due to a birth injury and pass onto you only those willing and able to obtain representation:

  • Our media advertising results in a phone call or completed web form
  • A lead specialist reviews the case with the person, verifying their information
  • The VERIFIED LEAD is connected by call transfer to your intake team
  • Their information can also sent to you by email and SMS

Only your firm gets these leads.

Take the Next Step and Get Signed Clients

If you’re seeking high-value plaintiffs, our Signed Birth Injury Cases are unmatched in quality and attention to detail. During the lead pre-qualification filtering process they tell us:

  • Their child suffered a birth injury
  • What happened, the diagnosis, the extent of the injury, and any treatment
  • They don’t have an attorney
  • They weren’t at fault
  • They contacted us before the statute of limitations ran and when the child was born
  • They haven’t agreed to a settlement

Want to Spend Your Resources Finding Clients or Working for Them?

We limit how many law firms we work with, so we create excellent relationships by supplying clients for years to come. We are very responsive to your needs and offer you small introductory orders for leads without contracts. You should work with us because of the quality of our leads, not due to a contractual obligation.

Do the math. What’s the cost of dealing with all the wasted leads and signed cases purchased from other vendors? You’ll soon find our procedures bring the greatest value to your law firm. We will do all the work finding the highly qualified clients you receive. You represent them and earn your fee.

Why You Should Select Us As Your Personal Injury Acquisition Agency

Want signed clients?

Our Signed Personal Injury Cases are unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail when it comes to finding high value plaintiffs for your firm.

Get started before your competitors do. There’s only so many clients we can serve.



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