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JROTC Student Abuse Signed Cases

High school students are sexually exploited by men in positions of trust by the US military and local schools. These Junior Reserve Officer Trainer Corps (JROTC) classes are meant to give students a taste of what the military is like, but some instructors take advantage of vulnerable students. Lawsuits around the country are making individuals and schools responsible for serious mistakes that cause harm that could last a lifetime.

How Do We Obtain JROTC Cases?

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What is JROTC?

The high school program, according to the Department of Defense, prepares students for leadership roles and educates them about their rights, privileges, and responsibilities as American citizens. Young men and women are taught about self-discipline, self-confidence, and leadership skills. This program is conducted at accredited secondary schools by retired military members.

The program and instructors fall into a grey zone in schools. The instructors are not certified teachers and may not have graduated college. Procedures for investigating teachers for abuse may not apply to them. School officials endorse the classes, normally electives taught during the regular school day, to help students struggling with direction and motivation.

A pedophile instructor could take advantage of vulnerable kids provided by the school system. Activities often happen before and after regular school hours, and travel may be part of the program.

What Have These Instructors Done?

A New York Times investigation into JROTC abuses found female students who were manipulated, sexually abused, and suffer long-term emotional and psychological harm. The Times interviewed 13 young women with similar stories. One is Victoria Bauer.

She wanted to escape the drugs and dead-end jobs around her in Picayune, Mississippi. Bauer planned to become a Marine and joined her high school’s JROTC program run by Steve Hardin, a retired Navy intelligence officer.

When Bauer was 15, one night when Hardin drove her home from rifle practice, he pushed his hand into her pants and penetrated her with his fingers. Bauer claims this was the start of months of sexual assaults. Ms. Bauer feared resisting him would jeopardize her advancement through the JROTC ranks or prevent a military career and said she felt trapped.

The Times found JROTC programs can be where retired military officers prey on teenage students. In the past five years, at least 33 JROTC instructors have faced criminal sexual misconduct charges involving students. This is a far higher rate than civilian high school teachers in the same jurisdictions. Many others are accused of misconduct but not charged.

Victims are predominantly teens from disadvantaged backgrounds or believe the military would provide them with a promising future. Instructors who claimed to be mentors exploited their positions to manipulate and sexually abuse them.

Victims have reported sexual assaults:

  • In classrooms and supply closets
  • During field trips or on late-night rides home
  • After instructors gave them alcohol or drugs

There are also allegations of mind games and threats:

  • One instructor told his student that women in the military are expected to sexually submit to men
  • Another warned his student that, thanks to what he learned in the military, he could kill her and hide her body and no one would find her
  • A Missouri student stated her instructor held her at gunpoint in his home

These are all classic scenarios of young, vulnerable women being sexually exploited by older, powerful men. Only the people, setting, and why the two met change.

Are Parties Being Held Accountable?

Victims across the country are filing JROTC lawsuits:

  • The Sweetwater Union High School District in San Diego, California, agreed to pay a former student $2.2 million to resolve claims it negligently hired and retained a Navy JROTC substitute teacher who pleaded guilty to statutory rape, according to the Voice of San Diego. The lawsuit stated the school district should’ve known about the instructor’s ongoing sexual harassment and abuse.
  • The parents of a student sexually abused by her JROTC instructor settled their lawsuit against the Des Moines (Iowa) Public Schools for $250,000, according to the Des Moines Register. The instructor, Retired Army Sgt. Robert Webb, pleaded guilty to related criminal charges. The student joined the program in 2015 as a freshman. Her parents allege he immediately started grooming her. When she was a senior, Webb inappropriately touched her and sexually assaulted her on a hunting trip.

As the abuses in these programs become better known, more victims will come forward seeking accountability and compensation.

How We Can Help Build Your JROTC Abuse Docket

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How Does Our Process Work?

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  • Whether the abuse was reported to the school or the police
  • What actions, if any, were taken as a result
  • Whether the school or instructor admitted wrongdoing

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