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Legal Funding for Personal Injury Attorneys

Financing and Legal Funding for Attorneys and Law Firms

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Our vendors provide working capital for litigation for operating expenses or fee acceleration for personal injury and class actions cases pending Lien Resolution, Court Approval, statutorily delayed payments and verdicts on appeal.

Our Different Funding Options

Settled Case Financing

Our vendors can finance attorney fees for a settled case. But there is no need to wait until you reach a settlement.

Portfolio Financing

Your portfolio of future fees is a constantly evolving asset pool. If you need capital, there is no need to wait for a settlement. With portfolio financing we can identify the value of your portfolio and provide right-sized financing based on your future revenue. Repay as you collect fees and avoid the stress of working with other lenders that seek scheduled repayments.

Credit Lines

You have financial history that shows a strong mix of cases and stable growth of your firm’s portfolio and revenue. Knowing the amount of financing that your firm qualifies to receive can provide you with the confidence to lead your firm boldly.

Mass Tort Funding

Our funding vendor has supported legal counsel in establishing Mass Tort marketing campaigns. They generally do not make financial investments to attorneys or firms making initial entry into the space, however, if you have run campaigns in the past in which reputable litigation counsel were referred cases and/or have worked with a marketing firm with a track record converting leads to signed cases, they will advance your firm financing taking an existing portfolio of retained and referred cases as collateral.

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